Who Knows You?

//Who Knows You?

You know you, but who else knows you? In today’s market, you need to be noticed more than ever. You need to be memorable, remarkable. You need to not only be different, but you need to let people know you are different. It can either be you, or your business. Maybe it’s actually you that makes your business unique and creates your Unique Selling Point, or Unique Value Proposition. Whatever the case, you need to let people know what it is, and if you can do it in a unique way, all the better.

“It’s your difference that sets you apart not your similarity, stand out!”
Bernard Kelvin Clive

Depending on which expert you listen to, it takes 5-6, or 8 touches for someone to go from stranger, to lead, to prospect to customer. You need to look for ways to continually get in front of individuals that make a difference. A unique item that sits on a desk 24/7 and gets used everyday is much better than a business card that gets put on a stack of business cards with a rubber band around them, then gets put in a drawer. Remember, unique and different gets you noticed and will get you remembered. You never know when someone will need what you have to offer, but don’t you want to be top of mind when it becomes that time? Walking down the street, do you remember the person wearing the suit, or do you remember the person with the tattoos, nose ring, or piercings through the eyebrows. I’m not saying go out and get piercings and tattoos, but you can incorporate that type of attitude in the branding and marketing of yourself and your business.

Get noticed. Be memorable


About the Author:

Greg Miller, the owner of BRAND-Tastik, brings more to the process than simply the ability to sell promotional products; he also has vast marketing and graphic design experience he puts to use to help clients tailor their promotional products programs for optimal visibility and branding. The client may want custom pens, corporate gifts, personalized gifts or other freebies to hand out but, with BRAND-Tastik they receive much more than that – they receive an expert marketing and branding consultation with their promotional products.

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