Promotional Products Help Nonprofits to Give While They Receive

//Promotional Products Help Nonprofits to Give While They Receive

Promotional products are actually an ideal fit for non-profit organizations. Most nonprofits are used to asking people for donations. It’s how they survive and accomplish their goals; they ask people to give. With promotional products, they have an opportunity to emotionally flip the tables.

Promotional products are giveaways. How nice is it when someone donates and you reciprocate with a select promotional product. It doesn’t have to be much; it’s the thought that counts.

In a small way, that promotional product honors contributors to a non-profit organization. Properly done, the promotional product will have the nonprofit’s name emblazoned on the side of a ceramic mug, a reusable water bottle or a tote bag.

The person contributing didn’t expect anything in return, other than a thank you, maybe. But, when you surprise them with the gift of a select promotional product, they feel appreciated and thanked at the same time.

Once you give a promotional product at a fundraiser or other event, that promotional product is ready to go out into the world carrying your message with it. Your contributor is walking down the street with the tote over her shoulder and there’s your organization’s name, logo, message and contact information. Driven by curiosity, some might even ask her what it’s about. Now you have word of mouth – the most powerful form of marketing – on your side.

Promotional products can even benefit a non-profit organization if you give the promotional products away before receiving a donation. Maybe you’re planning to have a booth at a convention or event in town. You can pass out brochures and papers with information in a neatly printed presentation folder. Other promotional products, well-chosen promotional products, have the potential to keep your message visible for the foreseeable future.

They’ll take your water bottle home and then carry it with them almost everywhere. And everywhere they go, that water bottle, and your message, goes with them.

Maybe the event is a golf outing. How about some golf balls with your group’s name printed on the side? You can give golf tees or hand towels to carry in their golf bags. When the golfing is done, and everyone comes inside for the banquet and awards ceremony) what better way to prepare them for more giving than to give some awards.

The range of promotional products that have proven track records of working well for non-profit organizations is long. You can also give attire, such as shirts and sweatshirt. Pens and magnetic clips are great options to carry your message of thanks and an opportunity for giving.


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Greg Miller, the owner of BRAND-Tastik, brings more to the process than simply the ability to sell promotional products; he also has vast marketing and graphic design experience he puts to use to help clients tailor their promotional products programs for optimal visibility and branding. The client may want custom pens, corporate gifts, personalized gifts or other freebies to hand out but, with BRAND-Tastik they receive much more than that – they receive an expert marketing and branding consultation with their promotional products.

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