Taking a look at this picture, most see an old beat up lunch pail that has seen much better days. When I look at this, I see something much different. I see a lunch pail that went to work everyday, got bounced around in harsh environments and provided a meal and coffee to its owner. When the handle broke, it was not tossed away. It was fixed. A make-shift handle that was made out of a piece of duct work connector and riveted to the lid.

Going a bit deeper, the lunch pail symbolizes a blue collar type work ethic. You show up every day ready to work and do whatever it takes to get the job done. You punch the clock and get to work. Tim Dalton, the Women’s softball coach at the University of Florida knows all about this “lunch pail work ethic”. After winning the 2014 NCAA national championship, he was worried about how his team would show up the next season. He needed a way to let them know success was not a given going forward and they still needed to show up every day and work. He said “what would win it again for us was our ability to be a lunch pail team. We need to be workers.” To drive this blue color approach, Walton installed a time clock in the practice facility, and he handed each player a metal lunch pail. Every day the girls went in and punched the clock. They left the baggage at the door and went to work. They ended up winning their second consecutive national championship with this work ethic.

Back to the old lunch pail

This once belonged to my Father. As a kid, I remember watching him make his lunch every morning and filling it up before leaving for work as an HVAC sheet metal union worker. Then he would come home and clean it out to get it ready for the next day. Most days he would sit in his favorite Lazy Boy chair and visit with us. Most times he was asleep within a few minutes until dinner. Never heard him complain about his job, the company, or anything that happened during the day. He just went every day and did his job. In all the jobs that I had growing up, whether it was as a paper boy in grade school, washing dishes, mowing lawns, or at Ace Hardware through high school, I’ve always tried to emulate this work ethic, by doing the best job I could, no matter what I was doing. Now that I have the lunch pail, I maintain the “lunch pail work ethic” in my own business. Punching the clock every day and going to work, I do whatever needs to be done to get the job done.  I don’t punch out most days until late at night because there’s always something more that needs to get done for a client. There are deadlines to be met for events, meetings and trade shows. These are important dates for my clients, so they are important dates to me, and if someone has trusted me enough to put the success of their event in my hands, I have to do everything I can to make it a success.

When looking for a promotional marketing company to trust with your brand, make sure they have that lunch pail work ethic. Make sure they are willing to do what it takes to get the job done right, from start to finish. Make sure they are there when you need them most. Are they consultants helping you choose the right products, or are they merely order takers and salesmen trying to meet the monthly numbers? Are they out of the box thinkers, or mainstream product providers? Many things to think about. To make it easier, just look for the one with the old lunch pail.


About the Author:

Greg Miller, the owner of BRAND-Tastik, brings more to the process than simply the ability to sell promotional products; he also has vast marketing and graphic design experience he puts to use to help clients tailor their promotional products programs for optimal visibility and branding. The client may want custom pens, corporate gifts, personalized gifts or other freebies to hand out but, with BRAND-Tastik they receive much more than that – they receive an expert marketing and branding consultation with their promotional products.

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