It’s All About the Branding

//It’s All About the Branding

Remember when Branding was much easier. You stuck your brand in the fire, then pressed it against the hide of your cattle to distinguish your cattle from another ranchers. The good ‘ole days. Now you have terms like brand awareness, branding solutions, brand positioning, and branding strategies. That doesn’t mean, where do we put that iron on the steer.

These days, if you have something you want to sell, you have to be aware of all of these things, and then some. Make your brand recognizable, get it front of the right people, in the right place, and often. Who you are targeting will make a difference in where and how you promote your brand.

Think of some of the most recognizable brands today. Coca-Cola, Apple, Google, Oprah, Bono. Yes, people can be brands also. What are they doing? They are selling themselves. Sell themselves and sell advertising for television shows, or Cd’s. You see that Apple logo, you immediately think of a Mac, iPod, iPad, etc. Brand recognition. It’s what we all strive for when we want to get the word out regarding an event or product we have to offer. Brand recognition comes from having your brand and it’s logo in front of your target market as often as possible, without your targets becoming tired of seeing it. With recognition, comes relevance. You need to stay relevant. Change with the times, stay current, in the news so to speak. Keep people talking about you. Madonna was very good at staying relevant, and yes, Madonna is a brand. Whenever Apple comes out with something new, or has an announcement to make, Steven Jobs makes that announcement in front of thousands of people. Like a launch party. He always seems to get the big story on the Internet when he launches something new. Madonna would just do something crazy, like write a tell all book about herself, or kiss another girl at an awards show. Whatever keeps people talking about you, keeping you relevant.

Before this becomes a short story, rather than a blog. Here are some ways to build brand awareness and brand recognition, and hopefully brand loyalty.

    • Direct marketing to your target market
    • Brand licensing
    • Trade show and trade magazine presence
    • Contests promoting your brand
    • Branding on employee apparel, signage on vehicles, building, etc.
    • Logo merchandise, promotional product giveaways
    • Product placement in movies
    • Publicity stunts
    • Trial giveaways in urban areas. I can’t go to Michigan Avenue or State street without being handed some sort of gum or food to try
    • Online and other viral marketing techniques such as you tube videos
    • QR codes. Attach a unique code on a postcard and hand them out. The person scans the code with their smart phone and it takes them to a web site or product video

There are countless ways to build awareness. You just have to find what fits your product and the market you are trying to reach.

Good luck!


About the Author:

Greg Miller, the owner of BRAND-Tastik, brings more to the process than simply the ability to sell promotional products; he also has vast marketing and graphic design experience he puts to use to help clients tailor their promotional products programs for optimal visibility and branding. The client may want custom pens, corporate gifts, personalized gifts or other freebies to hand out but, with BRAND-Tastik they receive much more than that – they receive an expert marketing and branding consultation with their promotional products.

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