Health and Safety Programs – Are They Really Useful in Promoting Business Productivity?

//Health and Safety Programs – Are They Really Useful in Promoting Business Productivity?

Running a business to satisfy both your short and long-term goals implies more potential for growth and development. The need to hire an assistant or a team of 2-3 workers to start with could lead to more departments for a growing workforce. No matter how big or small your business is by now, it is highly advantageous to set up a health and safety program for more productive results.

Most small business owners’ reason for not having a health and safety program is the fact that they have limited number of employees. Employers might be thinking of setting up a safety program as rather costly and would even reduce productivity. Yet if you look at it closely, you would realize that it is even cost effective and more beneficial for your business’ long-term goals.

Advantages of a Sound Health and Safety Program

  1. It boosts employee morale. An ideal company or even the small business owner himself must show sincere care to the workers’ welfare. This will even strengthen the workforce for more productive and profitable results.
  2. It increases revenues. Setting a sound safety program is a great way to reduce accidents at work. This principle reduces company loses and even increase profits and generates more revenue.
  3. It enhances customer satisfaction. An ideal health and safety program will not only make more profits for your business but will also yield greatly satisfied customers from a wider perspective. This would even result in more sales and traffic for more success.
  4. An efficient safety program implementation leads to less insurance claims.

Imposing an effective and dynamic safety program requires a systematic approach within the work place. Implementation must start from the company’s top management and should communicate it effectively to all employees. Here are the necessary steps that every office or department should follow to have an ideal health and safety program at work.

  1. Write things out. A health and safety policy needs to be written in full detail.
  2. Determine the right communications process. Point out exactly how effective communications functions to make the policy more solid.
  3. Define each health and safety practice very clearly.
  4. Address each written standard to a particular department or employees concerned.
  5. Set effective goals. Make sure that everyone understands very well the results of following a safety program and let them understand how it relates to the company’s goals
  6. Establish teamwork. Ensure that communication and policy is being handled from the top all the way to the bottom. Make sure that every department or team concerned has an effective collaborative idea and plan of action as a unified body seeking for a unified goal.
  7. Set the right incentives. Using money as an incentive in following a perfect health and safety program may not only affect your total budget but may also mislead employees or may affect their integrity. Incentives such as free coffee, movie passes or complimentary small items may help promote the program even more with great fun and unity.

    A regular monthly review to further promote and update your company’s safety policy is a crucial task that must not be ignored. Record everything and look out for some hidden obstacles that may not be obviously hazardous at first glance. Call for a quarterly meeting to discuss every issue at hand and ask for feedback from each employee for everybody to be actively involved in the program. Never forget to do regular audits to make sure everything is updated to the current trends and standards of the business.


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