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We’ll Help You Make a Statement

The difference between using a run-of-the-mill promotional products sales associate and putting the success of your promotional products campaign in the highly qualified hands of BRAND-Tastik is dramatic. The prior will fill your order – some pens or freebies – and not much else. BRAND-Tastik will ensure that your promotional products are optimally produced, targeting the intended audience and carrying an effective call to action that firmly supports your branding.

Let’s Get Your Customers Talking About You

The BRAND-Tastik Difference

For a business that knows the value of marketing and branding, a random selection of some pens or tote bags just doesn’t cut it.  We do more than sell promotional products; we sell marketing and branding expertise that ensure the success of the promotional products we offer.


Targeting Wisely

We’ll help to ensure that your promotional products augment your marketing campaign.

Creating Results

Use a strategy to match your marketing campaign and get your clients talking about you!

Providing Quality

Our design expertise will help you to provide promotional products artwork that is top notch.

Clean, Crisp and Right-Sized

We TRIPLE check your artwork to provide the highest possible quality reproductions. We will always get it right!

Creating Action

We'll make sure that the call to action actually calls clients and prospects to the desired action.

Get your clients hooked on you!

With memorable promotional products, you will always be top of mind for your clients.
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Meet the Man Behind BRAND-Tastik

Greg Miller
Greg MillerOwner
Greg Miller, the owner of BRAND-Tastik, brings more to the process than simply the ability to sell promotional products; he also has vast marketing and graphic design experience he puts to use to help clients tailor their promotional products programs for optimal visibility and branding. The client may want custom pens, corporate gifts, personalized gifts or other freebies to hand out but, with BRAND-Tastik they receive much more than that – they receive an expert marketing and branding consultation with their promotional products.

Greg’s experience is backed by a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design and a Masters of Business Administration degree. For 30 years, he successfully applied that experience, education and those appropriately balanced skills in the corporate world. Longing for something more – an opportunity to help businesses succeed – he founded BRAND-Tastik.

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